8 Tips for Amateur Wedding Photographers

Lots of questions came into mind of every wedding photographer, when he started with his first wedding photography photoshoot. Wedding photography is not limited to clicking the images only but required preparation and planning before going for a photoshoot, working as a wedding photographer for 8 years, here I am sharing a few tips for amateur and new wedding photographers. 

Wedding Photography Tips

  • Preparation is Key

Things might not go well on the wedding day and that will affect your work. Preparation is the key to handling and planning the photo shoot for any emergency. Ready with a backup plan in case of bad weather, carrying the extra charged batteries and memory cards are the top of list points in preparation for a photo shoot. Get the itinerary of the day from the client, so you can plan your photoshoot according to the events. Visit the wedding location prior to the wedding, to decide the possible positions for shoot and selection of gears according to the lights. 

  • Create a List for Photoshoot

One of the important tips I gave to new wedding photographers is to prepare a list for the photoshoot. Making the list of things you need at the time of shoot helps you to avoid a time rush and preparing a list of things to do on wedding day helps you execute your photoshoot smoothly. Make a list of couple expectations and communicate with them before the wedding. 

  • Attend the Shoot with Assistant Photographer

Having a second or assistant photographer is a great move. It allows one photographer to focus on formal shoots and others can capture candid moments. Assistant photographers reduce the workload and also help you to complete the task easily. For the wedding videography services I highly recommend to go with your team of photographers and videographers.

  • Capture small in detail

It’s a good idea to capture the images of rings, decorationsand the bride’s wedding dress. This will help you to give an extra dimension to the wedding album. Nowadays wedding photography is more storytelling than formal shoots. Capturing the wedding in details and small moments makes it storytelling. Little things you can capture at weddings are tablecovers, sitting arrangement, music and dance floor, cake table, gift table.

  • Turn off the Camera Sound

Camera beeps during speeches, ritual moments and vows is not a good idea at all. Check your camera sound at the start of a photoshoot and keep it off during the entire ceremony. 

  • Asked Couple for Wedding Photography Coordinator

Wedding Coordinator is always a good idea for every photographer and it makes photographer work easier. Being a photographer, we don’t know about the guests coming to the wedding and friends and family members of the bride and groom. Wedding coordinator helps photographer  to capture the photos of friends and family and important guests after all Indian weddings have prime importance for family and close once.  

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