Enroll for a Clerical Job with a Thousand Benefits – Everything to Know

A clerical department in any office ensures that the office runs smoothly and efficiently. A clerk is one of the only jobs that are connected to all the stakeholders in the workplace. Some of the responsibilities that the clerical job has are the day to day administrative tasks, scheduling appointments, keeping records, a basic level of bookkeeping, etc.

Clerical and Administrative skills are useful and connected to all the divisions, focusing on the everyday subtleties of office things others may neglect, for example, noting and monitoring messages, following arrangements, and checking on records. It is also important not to let any error slip through the cracks before the work/assignment is delivered to the stakeholders.

Having said that, there is a vast ocean of vacancies out in the market for these clerical jobs. One such job vacancy was very recently released by the Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) of India for the job of an Upper Division clerk. This ESIC UDC recruitment was brought in to give all these job seekers out there a chance at trying their luck and intelligence to bag one of the positions. The corporation has laid out very simple and basic eligibility criteria for the interested candidates and the selection will happen on a merit basis. This gives the candidate interested in securing a job with the state, a fabulous opportunity to attempt these entrance exams.

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The State and Central government very often release job opportunities in various fields for all the candidates that want to secure their job in a government-run corporation. Government jobs, in recent years, have proven to be the most secure jobs for the youth. Time and again it has been proven to be the more convenient and humane job profile. It also comes with its own benefits that cannot be matched with a private-sector job. A candidate that wants to make their career in a state-run industry, will have to give the exams assigned by the corporation, score the highest of marks in the ESIC UDC result, and secure their seats.

Some interesting perks that attracts jobs seekers to a Government job are;

A. Job Security – A Government job in any sector is centrally governed by rules and regulations that favor the employee the most.
B. Work model – These government jobs have a very balanced life-work ratio and very less work pressure.
C. Leaves – Government jobs come with a very long list of holidays. Their leaves available for casual, sick, and other reasons over and above the public holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays make it a very viable option for people who is not available in the private sector.
D. Skill Development – Even at a young age, a government job can give you leadership opportunities. No job in the private sector will allow an individual to be at such a leadership position at a young age.
E. Security – Since appointment in a government job is a tedious and long process, employees of government jobs cannot be fired very easily. This ensures job security for the individual. Since all the government jobs have pension policies, this ensures the security of the future of the individual and their family after retirement as well.
F. Facilities – Some posts in the government job come with facilities like Housing, Travel discounts, Medical facilities, etc.

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