The Art of Working from Home

Before 2020 some of us had a routine, one that was followed Monday through Friday. And then the saga known as COVID-19 happened, and for the first time ever the world started to shut down slowly. But what did that mean for the companies who were able to still operate but just at their respectable homes? They would be safer from the downfall of 2020. And because unemployment was filed at record numbers companies were asked to stay open just be in remote work mode.

How do we become just as efficient at home as in the office?

When change happens it’s always kind of a strange time. With change comes learning new things, adjusting our daily lives, and sometimes change even comes with uncomfortability. But also with change comes something positive. 

So let’s dive in on how we can effectively and successfully work from home.

  • We know how precious your time is. And the commute to and from work 5 days a week can be annoying and tiring. But also leaving you to do household chores on the weekend, your only days off. So a very beneficial solution is here
  • Multitasking, you can do the laundry, wash the dishes, and even have time to plan dinner. So you know you are saving time that can be spent with your family and friends. 
  • Organization is key- Being organized is going to make this transition easier. It is recommended that if applicable you should scan all your important documents so they are on your hard drive. 
  • Make a space in your home your office-This goes with being organized, If you can designate a specific spot in your home to have just like your office then it will make it a lot easier for you. Make sure that there are no TV’s around and that the area is mostly quiet.
  • Create an end time for work and stick to it. We understand that it can be difficult to stay focused or even wanting to start work in your own home with everything going on. But if you do have the flexibility to take long breaks we recommend giving yourself a few 30 to one-hour breaks throughout the day and use those as your reward for staying focused. 
  • Plan your day- Planning your day ahead will help make sure you’re doing all the work planned in but while still being able to do other tasks. Remember this is more of an opportunity for us to be at home and around our families more. Don’t leave all your house duties for the weekend. Try to plan at least one house duty that is normally done on the weekends and then do it that day. This will leave you with more freedom on the weekends. As well as it will help you keep a schedule.
  • Tech-savvy- In the world where everything is digital, we still have the luxury of some old fashioned machines in the office. If you are going to be needing certain things such as a scanner or copier make sure you know how to properly operate it. It is essential that you know how to work technology considering IT probably won’t be in your home. But hey even added extra advantage for you if you have a tech-savvy person in your house.

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